• Transportation

  • Our Program Coordinator arranges non-urgent transportation for clients. The priority is medical appointments (e.g. physician, dental, optometry, etc.) We also provide transportation for clients to do their banking, shopping, social/recreational events, certain personal needs as well as deliver frozen meals to those unable to pick them up at our office.

    By donating their time and vehicles, a dedicated team of volunteer drivers transport clients to various locations. Drivers ensure all passengers are comfortable during the ride. We do not provide vehicles with specialized lift capabilities. When the need arises, driving arrangements are made by our staff through alternate Home Support Services.

    There is a user fee per trip for our transportation services. Clients are notified of this fee when booking through our office.

    You can book your ride by calling 613-752-2828 or using the "I Need A Ride" form. Please give as much notice as possible when needing a ride.

    To view our transportation rates please click HERE.