• Volunteer Positions

  • Board Of Directors
    Board Members meet regularly (usually every month) to provide leadership and direction for our overall program and services. 
    Telephone Security Check
    Call clients on a pre-arranged schedule to ensure their wellbeing and offer an opportunity to chat.
    Office Volunteers
    Assist staff with day-to-day office procedures and preparations for fundraising/special events; e.g., newsletter mail outs, tickets for a raffle, etc. Activity in this role is on an “as needed” basis as workload extends beyond staffing resources. 
    Fundraising Committee
    We are looking to establish a Fundraising Committee to explore, plan and execute special events to raise funds for our not-for-profit charitable program. Fundraising Volunteers assist the fundraising committee in carrying out fundraising events, including such activities as selling raffle tickets, giving out information at display booths, selling admission tickets & greeting people as they arrive at special events, and helping with set-up and removal of event displays and materials. Such activities occur on an as-needed basis. 
    Volunteer Drivers
    Volunteers use their vehicles to provide transportation to clients to get to their medical appointments and for additional activities, e.g. shopping and banking, social/recreational and personal activities. Drivers also deliver frozen meals to those who are unable to pick them up at the office. Drives may be long distance, e.g. Ottawa, Pembroke etc. or more local, e.g. within Calabogie or to Renfrew or Arnprior. Our drivers support Carefor’s “Going Home” program for seniors aged 65 and older discharged from a hospital.